The Real Hero (Rey) (2015) online hd

Movie Name: The Real Hero (Rey)
 Directed by: Y.V.S. Chowdary
Star Cast: Sai Dharam Teja, Shubra Ayyappa, Ali
Genres: Musical
Country: India
Language: Telugu | Hindi
Synopsis: The movie story deals with Jenna a famous in a way “Star” Mexican Dancer who won two “Best of the World” titles in the competitions held at the epicenter of Dance USA. But to win it the third time she faces tough competition from Sandi. Annoyed with the competition from Sandi a Mexican Mafia Don Dange who worships Jenna kills Sandi to remove the competition for her. While this is going on one side, Amrita from India, pledges to win the “Best of the World” title and joins in a Jamaican College, Bob Marley to enter the competition. There she meets Rock, a big flirt and never cares for any woman’s feelings.He goes on flirting and using foul language with the girls. He annoys Amrita to the core. His life takes a sudden turn due to an incident, and he with his rock band decides to join Amrita in the competition. Jenna tries to create all sorts of troubles possible for the band very desperately.

The Real Hero (Rey) (2015) Watch Full Movie Online

The Real Hero (Rey) (2015) Watch Full Movie Online
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