Mahaanta Full Movie 1997 Hindi 720p

watc online Mahaanta 1997 movie
Mahaanta Full Movie 1997 Hindi 720p

Mahaanta Full Movie 1997 Hindi 720p
Movie Name Mahaanta
Director Name Afzal Khan
Writer By Afzal Khan
Star cast Madhuri Dixit, Sanjay Dutt, Jeetendra, Poonam Dhillon
Rating 5.7/10
Genres Action, Crime, Drama
Released on 23 May 1997 (India)
Country India
Language Hindi
Synopsis Vijay Kapoor and Raj Malhotra are childhood inseparable friends who get separated when Vijay’s wealthy and police commissioner uncle wants him to relocate to Bombay in order to progress in his career. Years later Vijay is the police commissioner who get marry to a young woman while Raj is also in Bombay and is settled with his wife Shanti and a younger brother, Sanjay; both the friends catch up and renew their bonds. Meanwhile Sanjay meets with Jenny and both fall in love with each other unknown to the couple that Mahesh the son of wealthy and influential businessman, Kedarnath is also fascinated by Jenny and decides he wants to get marry only to her forcing Sanjay and Mahesh to have a confrontation which turns violent forcing Kedar to approach Jenny’s father, Edward with a proposal of marriage for his son but Edward refuses and is threatened by Kedar thus the marriage is conducted. During the process of the marriage Sanjay abducts Jenny and himself make her his wife prompting Kedar to hire a contract killer to do away with Sanjay and his beloved. Not knowing that Vijay decides to arrest Sanjay logging him in a cell in order to save his life; but this does not alter Kedar from carrying out his nefarious activities by targeting Raj and his wife. When Sanjay gets released the dead body of his brother and sister-in-law trigger him to bring all wrong-doers to justice.

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