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Movie Name:  Singh Is Bliing
Director Name:  Prabhudheva
Writer By:  Shiraz Ahmed, Chintan Gandhi
Star cast:  Akshay Kumar, Rajpal Yadav, Sumit Shukla
Genres:  Action, Comedy, Drama
Released on:  2 October 2015 (India)
Country:  India
Language:  Hindi
Synopsis:  In festival it enters Raftaar Singh who is a fun-loving man who is un-educated. He has brought a running lion back. His naughtiness has kept his parents on worries. Raftaar soon gets kicked out of house and his father says that he will not come back until he completes his job. Raftaar gets 2 choices that either he will do job with his father’s friend in Goa or marry Navjot’s daughter Sweety. Raftaar chooses 1st choice after he thinks that Sweety is a fat girl that will give him huge problem. Sara also enters in same style (riding on horse) who has lost her mother but hopes that she is alive, her father took a wrong choice and worked as Mafia. Mark, a great mafia who wants to marry Sara is obstacled by her, even by Mark’s father. Mark soon kills his own father and hunts for Sara but she escaped to Goa. Raftaar meets his boss Kripal Singh who is his father’s friend then he successfully gets a job but gets a problem is that he doesn’t know English language. Raftaar makes excuse that he knows English when he was in fear that he could be fired. Raftaar and his friends meets Sara in airport. Raftaar meets and befriends Emily as she knows English language. Sara meets Raftaar’s boss and feels safe but thinks that Raftaar is a bad guy. In a time Raftaar accepts his mistake that he once made it and his boss felt proud. Sara soon finds out that Raftaar is a good guy when she sees him helping the women whom the bad guys were flirting with them. The same goons….

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