Sharaabi (1984)
Sharaabi 1984 Classic Bollywood Movie

Link 2- Sharaabi 1984 Classic Bollywood Movie

Sharaabi 1984 Classic Bollywood Movie
Movie Name Sharaabi
Director Name Prakash Mehra
Writer By Kader Khan, Prakash Mehra
Star cast Amitabh Bachchan, Bharat Bhushan,Chandrashekhar
Rating 7.4/10
Genres Comedy, Drama, Romance
Released on 1984 (India)
Country India
Language Hindi
Synopsis Amarnath Kapoor has devoted himself to business and money, in the process he neglect his only son, Vicky, leaving him to be taken care of by Munshi Phoolchand. Finding that he does not get …

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