watch free online movie Beta 1992
Beta 1992 Hindi 720p watch free online full hindi movies

Beta 1992 Hindi 720p watch free online full hindi movies
Movie Name Beta
Director Name Indra Kumar
Writer By Gyandev Agnihotri, Bhagyaraj
Star cast Anil Kapoor, Madhuri Dixit, Aruna Irani
Rating 6.4/10
Genres Drama, Family, Musical
Released on April 3, 1992 (India)
Country India
Language Hindi
Synopsis After the passing away of his mom, Raju is brought up by his dad, who unable to look after him, decides to re-marry, and this time to Laxmi, who is a devious and cunning woman. Soon after the marriage, she has her brother, Totara, and his wife, Menavati, move in. Both brother and sister plan to get her husband certified as mentally deranged, and have him locked up in a room, in which they succeed. Raju is brought up without any education and skills, and works on the estate like other labourers. When Raju grows up, he is very devoted to his stepmother, who wants him to marry an illiterate girl, so that she can continue to rule over them. But Raju marries Laxmi, who is educated, and shrewd enough to know that Raju is being taken advantage of. When Laxmi intervenes on Raju’s behalf, she is humiliated and asked to leave by Raju himself. Laxmi must now decide to stay and face the risk of more abuse, or leave and begin life a new.

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